I thought we were past this steroid garbage…

posted on Feb.24, 2012

apparently not.  I’m not quite sure what to think of this one.  I have some thoughts, but by Andy $AM$ Goes 30/30 in 3o on Tuesday I should have my thoughts together to rant about it.  But anyway here goes a few quick thoughts on the subject.

For one, does it surprise you that

the first successful appeal of a steroid accusation was a player on a team the current commissioner once owned?  And if I am not mistaken, his kids still own the team, so do you think he does not have a say in what happens? I may not be the quickest in catching on, but even I can see that.

How about this, he is a likable guy.  I’ve never met him, so don’t ask me, but it would appear that way.   I heard a point made in the New York media (on WFAN) today that if this was Alex Rodriguez, he would be run out of town!  If anyone disagrees or think that A-Rod would be treated less harshly than some of us are grilling Braun, you have not been paying attention to sports since 2004.  Long story short, when A-Rod came to New York, there were many Yankees fans that thought one had to like EITHER A-Rod or Derek Jeter, and could not like both.  I have NO idea where this came from, since A-Rod moved to third to come to the Bronx, but repeated postseason failures did not helps A-Rod’s case.  Finally, when the Yankees broke through in 2009 and won it all, with A-Rod playing a pivotal part in the run, did the hate on A-Rod lessen.  It did not go away, however Yankee fans got a taste of what life would be like without A-Rod and it was not good.

I digress, Ryan Braun is not A-Rod.  But he will have some major pressure on him this coming year.  Aramis Ramirez, the unfortunate hitter charged with protecting Braun, is not Prince Fielder.  That killer 3-4 punch is no more.  And Ramirez can hit, but there is no doubt he is not going to hit 50 home runs or have the presence (in more ways than one) that the big man had.  If Braun does not produce numbers close to what he did last year (.332 avg, 33 HRs, 111 RBIs), the suspicion surrounding him will only increase.

Joel Sherman said it best on YES on Thursday, Braun was proven not guilty, not necessarily innocent.  How did this happen?  A technicality in the testing process.  The moron who was charged with FedEx-ing (that is MLB’s policy) the urine specimen to Montreal missed his local FedEx, and kept the specimen on his desk for 2 days.  MLB regulations require the specimen be kept in a fridge if they are not immediately shipped.  So Ryan Braun may not be guilty, but I certainly don’t see him as innocent.  Not when you fail a drug test.

We will delve more into this on Tuesday.  Maybe more will surface by then.


-Andy $AM$

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