Really [Insert GM Name here]?

posted on Feb.21, 2012

As soon I walked out of Studio essays for sale A today and heard Tanya reading the news, and mentioned the Manny Ramirez contract and realized I forgot to mention it on the show today.  If you haven’t been paying attention, Manny signed a minor league deal with the A’s.  Alright that’s well and good, but he still has to serve his 50 game suspension for being caught a second time for steroids.  You read right, he has been stupid enough to do steroids, but even more stupid to get caught TWICE!!!

He bailed on the Rays last year when this was discovered despite the fact that the Rays were counting on him and Johnny Damon to provide a veteran presence and offense, and all Manny did was offend baseball fans.  Mannywood will be moving to Oakland, and while it is a low-risk investment at face value.  But don’t forget about Manny Being Manny.  Billy Beane may be a movie star (or his character) but seriously, this is a team that needs to play in peace without the Mann Ramirez circus around it.  Now, Beane is famous for making a move for a veteran guy, then trading him for prospects.  He did that constantly in the early 2000s for Moneyball.  Which is something the movie left out.  But I digress.  Manny is a liability at this point in his career.  His entire career is in jeopardy because of steroids, his defense is non-existent, and has an ego bigger than the cavernous ballpark the A’s play in, whoever is sponsoring it now.  So I ask, really Billy Beane? Really?

In a similar vein, thank you, Brian Cashman for FINALLY getting rid of AJ Burnett, but why did you bring in Raul Ibanez?  I understand the Yanks wanted a left-handed DH, preferably who can play the field too, but Ibanez is not the guy for New York.  He is old, crusty, and has NOT played in New York, unlike the other players the Yankees were considering, Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui.  I am a huge Matsui fan, he is an icon here in New York, and his departure was grand.  However, Brian Cashman tried to pull one over our heads by saying the Yankees would go after Damon following the 2009 World Series and not Matsui because Damon could still play the field and stay healthy.  While Matsui went and signed with the Angels, the Yanks and Damon haggled over money, and he ultimately signed with the Tigers.  Oh and who was the DH replacement for Matsui?  Nick Johnson.  A guy who spends nearly as much time on the DL as Carl Pavano did as a Yankee.  And now it came full circle, and what happened?  Matsui can’t play the field well, Damon is still somewhat of a liability, and Ibanez is the new Johnson.  I will give Ibanez credit for what he did in Philly, and in Seattle, but I do not want to see him as the DH.

I guess that is all my GM ranting, but for good measure (and Mets fans will appreciate this), let’s question Omar Minaya.  Really Omar?


Andy $AM$

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