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posted on Apr.16, 2012

Have you ever talked to someone who was more concerned about their fantasy team than their real allegiance? The baseball season is under way, which also means fantasy season, and the thought popped into my head today. I also had a roster conflict on my team because one player was facing my favorite team.

While Manny is no longer a Red Sox, David Ortiz (aka Big Papi) has been the vain of my Yankee Fandom. I could NEVER root for either of these two bums, even in fantasy.

May I say, fantasy baseball is fun. I got into it last year, and had some fun with it. I unfortunately missed my draft and was buried from the start of the season. I finished second to last and geared up for the consolation round (I believe I finished over 60 games out of first) and managed to get to the finals of the Toilet Bowl. I took my opponent to the fantasy equivalent of Game 7, and lost. I felt that was still a decent season, I think he had a 7 seed, and I was a 13.
This year when my draft came around, I had some issues logging on, and had some automated picks made for me, but I had a decent draft. I picked Lucas Duda, a Mets outfielder I think will have a good year, and someone chatted me with the classic line “I was about to pick him!”, to which I asked him how badly he wanted Duda. He offerred me a trade of Dustin Pedroia and someone else, and I turned it down. This is where my rant and my issue really is. Your fantasy team should never be more important than your real team, and as such, I REFUSE to draft anyone from the AL East unless they are a Yankee. I am also a little hesitant to draft anyone on the Angels because of my hatred for that team as well.
The person then asked me about how I finished the year before (it was the person that I took to Game 7 of the Toilet Bowl), which is certainly a point, but I would not root for my fantasy team over my real team! It’s against the commandments of being a fan! Maybe, and I would really have to think about it, I would consider drafting divisional guys in a money league (I would still NEVER draft a Red Sox, or accept a trade for one). Last year, I did keep Erik Bedard on my team after he was traded to the Sox (he was in a trade package to me when he was still a Mariner), but most players that end up on my team tank as soon as they join, so that was a no-brainer! In fact, when I contemplated dropping him, I realized he was tanking so I kept him in hopes he would help the Sox collapse, which he did. But again, a case of my team came first.
That mentality brings me to my next point, which was a conflict this week. The Twins are in New York to play the Yankees, and I figured Josh Willingham would have a good year in Minnesota, so I drafted him. This week, I decided to sit Willingham because he was playing the Yankees. I did this last year, and sure, it may hurt my position in the standings, but I would much rather see the Yankees winning, make the playoffs, and make a run. Fantasy is fun, but it should not come at the expense of your real team. I just cannot, in good conscience as a Red Sox hating Yankee fan, root for Big Papi, Adrian Gonzalez, or Jon Lester to have a big game when they play in the same division! I just can’t. I am a fan of the team, not just the players.

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