Archie Alone


  • Nicole Mesce (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Cindy Ward (Guitar)
  • Tony Mastrolia (Bass)
  • Pete Clark (Drums)

WTSR: So you guys just played a show at the Meat Locker, with bands like Post Grad and Basement Beers. How’d that go?

Nicole Mesce: That was awesome, we love the Meat Locker.

WTSR: You guys play there a lot, right?

Cindy Ward: A couple times a month.

WTSR: You guys live by there, right?

Nicole Mesce: Yeah.

WTSR: I hear a lot of mixed things about the Meat Locker. Is it a good place to play?

Nicole Mesce: I think it is, but you have to go in there like you’re on MTV.

Cindy Ward: It’s a very DIY-type style.

Pete Clark: You don’t get great sound, so if you’re expecting…

WTSR: It’s more of like an experience?

Nicole Mesce: It’s moreso like going to your friends house and playing in their basement. No one’s going to pamper you and make sure your sound’s polished, you just have to do it.

WTSR: So, you guys are putting up a split soon. Are you guys gonna give any more details on that?

Pete Clark: Well, we’re doing it with a west coast band called Passing Time. They’re a pop-punk emo band from Sacramento. We’re waiting for them to send us the songs. We have them released on Bandcamp, but we’re going to press a 7-inch vinyl and release it by spring.

WTSR: So you released two songs for that. Are you doing more on there?

Pete Clark: The other band is releasing two. There’s two for each band, 7 minutes on each side.

Nicole Mesce: Cause we released an EP a year ago. We wanted something to come out, so we’re doing this split. Eventually, hopefully by the end of the year, we’re going to have another release.

WTSR: EP or Album?

Pete Clark: Probably an Album.

WTSR: So, this is a west-coast band. How’d you get to work with them?

Pete Clark: Honestly, we were supposed to release it with a band called Bordello, but they went through a bunch of changes. They left us in the lurch, and we just had the two songs. I talked to our friends, and I was put in contact with someone who wanted to do it. It’s cool that it’s west coast, because it’s on the other end of the country, instead of another band from New Jersey.

WTSR: Do you have any plans for more shows or a tour?

Nicole Mesce: We would like to put something out for the summer, maybe a week out going south or something.

Pete Clark: We’re trying to do weekends in the meantime, cause with jobs, we can’t go out for months at a time.

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