Black Sox Scandal

Members of The Black Sox Scandal: 

Tom Smeaton: Vocals

Dan Lisi: Vocals/Guitar

Colin Hyland: Vocals/Guitar

Brett Bretterson: Bass

Anthony Galasso: Drums

WTSR: The Black Sox Scandal, as we all know, was a World Series Scandal in the early 1900’s. Why did you decide to pick that as your band name?

Tom Smeaton: It’s in the Great Gatsby, and it’s my favorite book. I told it to Dan and he was cool with rolling with it. It’s kind of taken a life of its own. People have gotten our name wrong so many times. Sometimes we get Black Socks Scandal, Black Sex Scandal, or the Block Socks Scandal.

WTSR: Now, you guys are TCNJ Alumni. Does it feel cool to come back? 

Tom Smeaton: It’s nice. It’s a little bit weirder every time.

Colin Hyland: We saw Campus Town, that was cool. I mean, it’s empty, but it’s still cool.

Dan Lisi: Tom and I started the band in our senior year. We wrote a lot of our songs in the Music Building, and our first show was in the Rat.

WTSR: Maybe there’s a future legacy.

Tom Smeaton: That’s be nice.

Colin Hyland: I want a statue.

Tom Smeaton: I’m sure they can take one of the Pixels down and put a statue of us out there.

Colin Hyland: We were actually here before the balls existed. Like, our first year, we went home for Thanksgiving and they just kind of showed up there.

WTSR: You guys have been around for a couple years. What do you say was your favorite show or on-stage experience?

Tom Smeaton: The Stanhope House was a good one. The Stone Pony was awesome too. A lot of people braved some February blizzards to come see us at The Stone Pony. Those were our two biggest sets.

Dan Lisi: I’d say, you know, we love playing. We keep writing music and getting back to the studio. We played at a festival in August. Some guy came up to us and was super excited to see us, and that was really awesome. Every chance we get to play is an incredible experience.

WTSR: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure band that you guys would play?

Colin Hyland: Gwen Stefani. No doubt.

Tom Smeaton: We used to cover her…

Colin Hyland: We used to do covers of No Doubt, but it wasn’t good.

Tom Smeaton: We cover Walk the Moon, but, I mean, we played at more underground venues where people would leave when we played it.

Colin Hyland: Dan and I have a guilty pleasure of starting every song with a duel guitar lead. They often don’t fit. Sometimes, we cut them out. But usually, we keep them.

WTSR: If you guys could fit anybody into your band, who would you try to squeeze into the band?

Tom Smeaton: One of my answers may get me kicked out of the band….

Dan Lisi: For me, it’s probably be Flea. Dynamic bass parts in every song would be cool. I feel like he’d make it a lot crazier.

WTSR: Flea 20 years ago, or Flea now?

Dan Lisi: He’s still killing it.

Colin Hyland: He’s got some new tricks now.

Dan Lisi: He’s a little more tame now, so we might take a younger Flea so there’s more angst.

Tom Smeaton: How about Flea in the middle, so he has all the connections, but some of the energy?

Dan Lisi: Like late 90’s Flea? That’s a good thought.

Tom Smeaton: I’ll probably say… we used to have a lot of keyboards, so I’ll say Andrew McMahon, so no one has to get kicked out. He can do some harmonies and stuff, so I don’t have to get kicked out. A lot of our older songs had keys, and I feel like sometimes I miss that.

Colin Hyland: I want the rapper from The 3-11, because he doesn’t do anything besides dance back and forth on the stage.

Tom Smeaton: We need the programmer from Linkin Park!

Dan Lisi: The dude from Incubus would be sweet…the guy with the dreads that scratches.

WTSR: Anything you guys would like to add?

Tom Smeaton: In early 2016, look for a new release from us. All of our CD’s are available free on Band Camp.

Dan Lisi: We have a lot of show’s coming up in November, for our Northeast Tour.

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