Members of BoyMeetsWorld:

Craig Sulken -Vocals

Brad Sulken – Bass

Ryan Sulken – Drums

Andy Richter – Guitar

Drew Thomason – Guitar

WTSR: So, you guys just got off Warped Tour. Tell me how that was.

Craig Sulken: It was a lot of fun. The shows were awesome. The only thing that was not fun is that… we just purchased a shuttle bus before Warped Tour. We put bunks in the back, and we decked it all out… and it broke down like every three days. It was awful. We missed shows and stuff, so overall Warped Tour was fun, but the majority of our time was spent fixing that thing. Other than that, it was an absolute blast.


WTSR: I know that a lot of bands have brothers in them, but I’ve never seen a band with three brothers before. How is that? 

Craig Sulken: It’s alright at times. We’ll leave it at that. A lot of bickering, like brothers, but other than that, it’s a good time.


WTSR: You guys have been on your Seven Minutes In Heaven tour. How was that? 

Craig Sulken: Pretty well, the crowds have been decent. Last night was a really good time. Philly was a really fun time. Those guys were awesome, very down to earth people. It’s been going pretty swell.


WTSR: Have you guys been mostly touring in the Philly/New Jersey area?

Craig Sulken: A lot of east coast, yeah. So, we started in Columbus, Ohio, then Cleveland, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, around this general area. The farthest south we go is Atlanta, then we’re going to Nashville, then make our way back home to Ohio.

WTSR: As a pug owner, I saw on Facebook that you guys just adopted a pug puppy. How’s that going?

Craig Sulken: We didn’t actually buy him.

Andy Richter: Gotcha, guys!

Craig Sulken: I don’t know if it was an off day or if we were just sleeping in a Wal-Mart parking lot, but when we do that, we just wander around stores. I walked into this pet store, this lady that worked there was like, “Do you want to hold him?” and we took a picture of him and wandered around the store for an hour. We kinda made up the part that we adopted him.

Brad Sulken: We got a lot of likes for that.

Craig: I think it would have been awesome if we had that puppy in our van as a tour dog. It probably wouldn’t be the best ideal situation. It’d be pooping everywhere, and just as smelly as us guys.


WTSR: Is there anything that you guys would like our listeners at WTSR to know?

Craig Sulken: If there’s a show near you, come and see what it’s all about. It’s a good time. Follow us on all our interwebs. We love meeting new people and traveling and stuff.


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