BUZZED: July 2013

posted on Jul.25, 2013

Playlist for July 2013 and some ramblings over on Tumblr.

BUZZED: June 2013

posted on Jun.27, 2013

Here’s a look at some of the best songs this month… Buzzed will be back on the airwaves starting at the end of August.

BUZZED: Pawws – “Time to Say Goodbye”

posted on Jun.06, 2013

Pawws is the project of London’s Lucy Taylor. She released “Slow Love” a few months ago and I haven’t stopped playing it since. “Time to Say Goodbye” is her follow up and it’s a slow burner, an almost sickeningly sweet pop song grounded by Taylor’s whispered vocals. Her first official release will be the “Slow Love” / “Time to Say Goodbye” single which will be out July 8.

For more music from Buzzed, follow our Tumblr where music is posted with (somewhat) more regularity.

BUZZED: Lorde – Royals

posted on May.23, 2013

Lorde, real name Ella Yelich O’Connor, recently climbed to the top of the charts in her native New Zealand with her infectious debut single “Royals.”

The song serves as the antithesis to a Lana Del Rey-esque worldview focused on glamour, fame, and money. Lorde “craves a different kind of buzz” that isn’t centered on “jet planes, islands, [or] tigers on a gold leash.”

The 16-year-old was signed to Universal four years ago when she was only 12, though she had little success until she started writing her own songs.

While “Royals” is the standout track on her debut “The Love Club” EP, her other songs demonstrate a flair for catchy melodies and deeply personal lyrics.

Most of her songs so far are about her involvement with the music industry. On “Bravado,” she talks about having to fight her naturally introverted tendencies and her necessity to “fake glory” and “find [her] own bravado.” Her lyrics provide insight far beyond her years and expose a vulnerability that is instantly relatable.

Lorde has become a sensation in New Zealand, where her first two live shows sold out within minutes. Her talent has also garnered attention from blogger Perez Hilton and Canadian electronic artist Grimes.

Based on her songs, Lorde doesn’t seem to care whether or not she hits it big, but the strength of her music almost guarantees she’s destined for fame.

(Also check out Buzzed’s new Tumblr, where there will be exclusive posts not on WTSR!)

BUZZED: During the warm summer months…

posted on May.22, 2013

Music doesn’t stop, so why should I?

In case you didn’t know (and let’s be honest, you probably didn’t), Buzzed is a weekly radio show on WTSR that I started this past semester. My semi-official motto is to showcase “the alternative to the alternative.” There’s a lot of bullshit in the ever-expanding ~indie blogosphere~ and it was my goal to sift through that and highlight the best of the rest.  Though summer has started and I’m no longer able to do the radio show weekly, I didn’t want to/couldn’t stop posting about music. So I figured posting intermittently about the new music I’ve been wandering across would satisfy my need to incessantly bug people about up-and-coming artists.

No one will probably read this and I’m okay with that. The blogosphere is filled with so many voices, so why should one more matter? But I don’t mind hearing myself talk so I figured I would push on ahead.

Stay on the look out here and on my newly created Tumblr for new music that’s being buzzed about!

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