Members of Dryjacket:

Joe Junod – Guitar/Vocals

Brad Wyllner – Guitar/Vocals

Ian Foley – Bass/Vocals

Adam Cerdan – Drums

WTSR: So you guys are about to go on tour… are you going to be touring with your most recent album or do you have anything new coming up?

Joe Junod: Well, we’ll probably play the EP songs and throw in two or three new ones.

Ian Foley: Our set right now has been the EP, plus Bill Gates and Epi Pen Pals. That one’s not out yet, but you can see a live video of us playing there in San Diego.

WTSR: You guys signed to Hopeless Records a year ago. Has that changed your process at all, the way you write, or the way you do shows?

Joe Junod: Not necessarily. We were such a new band at that time, so everything’s been going quick. We’re still trying to get caught up.

Ian Foley: And everything’s different entities. Our booking agent isn’t Hopleless, and our manager isn’t either. Hopeless does a lot of the press stuff for the actual music.

WTSR: As a band who play in Philly, how do you feel about the new bill to register Philly bands?

Joe Junod: It doesn’t make much sense.

Ian Foley: I think there’s enough backlash to get it wiped it out, because it’s unnecessary.

Adam Cerdan: I think it’s good to make venues safer, but that’s not the way to do it.

WTSR: All the proceeds of your new single go to a foundation for Multiple Sclerosis. What motivated you to do that?

Joe Junod: We know someone who is suffering from that disease and wanted to do anything we could to help out. We came up with the idea to put up a show in our town this Saturday, and all the proceeds will go towards that.

Brad Wyllner: The good thing about being signed with Hopeless is that they’re gonna match the donations that we raise.

Ian Foley: And to start out, we wanted to do a holiday thing, but with only five songs, we decided to do it with Bill Gates.

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