Gin War

Members of Gin War:

Kyle Carrier: Guitar

Brandon Rosenberg: Guitar/Vocals 

Mike Planko: Bass

Jeremy Woods: Drums

WTSR: For our first question, how did you guys all meet and how did you become a band?

Kyle: A long time ago, there was a band called Pen Pals and it was me and a bunch of friends, and that sort of formulated into a different band. We met Brandon on Craigslist cause we needed a singer. That band broke up, and we came together after that. 

WTSR: What’s the meaning of your band name?

Brandon: It was like a long process of searching through other band’s song titles. We picked the band Cassino and their song Gin War. It’s awesome.

WTSR: Now we heard about your last EP, piece of moon, when you had two different recording processes done. It was recorded twice in two different studios. How did that come about?

Kyle: Well, there was a studio up in Connecticut and we went up there to record the album, thinking we were ready, and it ended up way too overproduced and sounding super polished.  We wanted the album to sound like how we sound live. We decided to re-do it in our friend Brian Whittle’s basement and it was a lot of fun and turned out way better.

WTSR: So, nothing from that first recording is on the EP?

Kyle: No, but it was worth it. We’re not dissing this studio at all, it just didnt end up exactly what we wanted. 

WTSR: It’s part of the process and helped you figure out what you wanted.

Kyle: Yeah, exactly.

Brandon: There were ideas that came from that session that made it on the record. 

WTSR: Since you guys are from Long Beach Island, is there any venues you particularly love to play there? 

Brandon: LBI is pretty exclusively cover band territory. We play at the Boneyard in Atlantic City a lot. We also just recently had a show in our kitchen at Long Island.

Kyle: LBI really doesn’t have a music scene, so you gotta make it up as you go. 

WTSR: Any places out of state?

Kyle: We just played the Brass Rail in Indiana, the place was cool and there was free beer.

Mike Planko: We’ve played Amityville music hall in Long Island three times, and every time we play there is great.

Brandon: Throne Watches in Brooklyn, sick watch show, sick venue. 

WTSR: Still Mine is one of my personal favorites from Piece of Moon. What was your inspiration for that song?

Kyle: That was from a song we didn’t record the first time around. We stuck that in as an interlude. The lyrics are about losing someone and having a last moment with them.

WTSR: Any tours planned?

Brandon: In April, we’re doing the four-day east coast tour with Man Overboard. 

Kyle: We just back after a small weekend run with Modern Lives. That was a lot of fun.

WTSR: You guys are pretty busy.

Kyle: We do lots of little single date shows and stuff like this. We always love doing stuff  like this. 

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