Members of Grayscale:

Derek Parker- Bass

Andrew Kyne- Guitar

Collin Walsh- Vocals

Dallas Molster- Guitar/Vocals

Nick Veno- Drums

WTSR: You guys just released an EP called Changes, back in April, and that’s your first release since 2013’s Leaving. So, why don’t you tell me about that?

Collin Walsh: We released that song, it’s kind of an introduction to the full-length we have coming out. It’s going to be released in February, and it’s called What We’re Missing, and we’re releasing it through Anchor Eighty Four Records, which we released the Change EP through.

WTSR: Did you guys do anything different when you recorded that, as opposed to when you recorded Leaving?

Collin Walsh: Yeah, I feel like, just in general, we have a different producer Gary Cioffi, he did a lot of Transit’s records and Misser. We matured a lot as a band and our writing is a lot more different and a lot more natural. It’s more kind of an alternative approach. We swapped producer and we really love working with Gary, he’s a great dude. He’s like a band dad.

WTSR: You’re playing in Philly at the Voltage Lounge later this month. You have anything else planned, like a tour or anything? 

Collin Walsh: Right now, we don’t have any tour dates. Now, we just have shows every other weeknight or weekend. I know we have one in Quakertown later in September, Stanhope, New Jersey on the 28th, and the 29th is Voltage Lounge. We have some other larger shows we’re waiting to hear back from in October and November. We have a Halloween show in October and it’s gonna be sweet. It’s an awesome set of bands. Illusionist is a hardcore band in New Jersey, we’re really good friends with Sam and those dudes. Our really good friends in Losing Streak are playing there, and they’re like the greatest band on Earth. I forget the other bands, but I remember I saw them online, and it was pretty sweet.

WTSR: Now, one last question. I saw this on your Facebook. It says, “Team Wario, 906 Wins, 0 Losses.” Is there a crazy story behind that?

Nick Veno: I don’t even know where to begin with Team Wario. Basically, Colin and I are an absurd team in any kind or Mario video game. In Super Smash Brothers, we play as Team Wario, and we just destroy people.

Collin Walsh: Bands that we’re touring with, we did a lot of runs with The Directive, Losing Streak, Real Talk, the dudes that did our music video, a lot of people we’ve worked with or toured with, thay crashed at our house. And every one, of them, we’ve forced them to play Smash Bros, and we absolutely destroyed them, we wouldn’t die…

Nick Veno: Trash talked the entire time.

Collin Walsh: Totally just pissed everyone off and made it negative for everyone else. And Nick and I have never lost.

Nick Veno: We’re undefeated.

Collin Walsh: Undefeated, that’s an actual 908 wins, 0 losses. So, if anyone wants to, we crash at your house, or you just wanna meet up, and you bring a Wii, and you bring any Smash Brothers or Double Dash, particularly Super Smash Bros Brawl for Wii, and you bring it to our show, you let us crash at your house, and you beat us, you get free merch and free admission to a show. It’s whatever you want, the offer’s [always] on the table. Same goes for NHL game on XBOX for Andrew or I.

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