In Writing

Members of In Writing:

Jonathan Arocho- Vocals/Guitar

Fabrizio Marra – Bass

Toni Pennello- Vocals/Guitar

Conor Mckeown- Drums

WTSR: You guys just had a new album come out. What would you like to say about it?

Jonathan Arocho: The album is called While You Were Away. I wrote it while I was away at college, hence the title. I didn’t steal it from Twitter or anything. It’s a collection of songs about how my life changed and the things that changed while I was gone. It means a lot to me. I hope people listened to it and liked it as much as I do.

WTSR: A lot does change when you go away to college. I didn’t come back home that often. 

Jonathan Arocho: The thing is, with me, because I had the band that was trying to be consistent, I came home almost every weekend. Money was tight because I was buying train rides and busses every weekend, and there was a lot of stress balancing college with a full-time job. It was very hard to wrap your head around when you’re an 18 year old just getting into the real world. I made it work though, and we had a couple good songs come out of it. Everything’s good now.

WTSR: So, you guys just recently performed a show in Brooklyn, at Aviv. How did that go? 

Toni Pennello: It went really well. It was in like a basement. A bunch of really cool bands played and there was art all over the wall.

Jonathan Arocho: It was like a dank basement where people just draw all over the walls.

Toni Pennello: Yeah, the murals were really dark.

Jonathan Arocho: It was very sweaty.

Toni Pennello: I’ve never smelled so bad in my entire life.

Jonathan Arocho: Yeah, it was the first time sweat ever dripped into my eyes…

WTSR: That doesn’t sound fun.

Jonathan Arocho: No, it was a great time!

WTSR: You guys performed a lot of songs today that you said you never played in acoustic before. Do you have any plans to release new acoustics in the future?

Jonathan Arocho: Of the stuff we have, or new stuff?

WTSR: In general.

Jonathan Arocho: I had an idea that i hadn’t talked to anyone about. I want to do an acoustic demo or ep with all acoustic songs. It’d have the full band with all new songs. It’d be something to put out before we release our new record. I have songs that I want to release now, but we don’t have the time to go into a studio to record it. And yeah, I haven’t mentioned his to anyone….

Toni Pennello: Yeah, he did not mention this once….

Jonathan Arocho: Well, he asked, so I figured this was a good time to share my knowledge of it.

WTSR: Is there anything you want our viewers at WTSR to know about you guys?

Jonathan Arocho: Come hang out with us.

Toni Pennello: We Dress nice.

Jonathan Arocho: We smell good, unless we’re in Brooklyn.

Toni Pennello: I don’t smell good.

Jonathan Arocho: Please listen to our record, pick it up from All Sounds. Shoutout to All Sounds, they’re our label and they’re awesome. Listen to our record, come hang out with us, and have a good time.

Toni Pennello: Enjoy your life!


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