Members of Semiotics:

Nick Rapon – Vocals/Guitar

Seth Blissenbach – Vocals/Guitar

Andrew “Crispy” Auyeung – Bass

Alex Manoski – Drums/Percussion

WTSR: Tell us about your new EP That’s about to come out.

Nick Rapon: We have this new EP coming out called For How. It’s about my father, who passed away from Brain Cancer of ten years. None of the songs are about him, but the songs are about things that were happening during his decay. He never got to hear them, but these songs were for him. My half of the album is about this person I have been seeing for a while now. Sorry, Bruh is a tongue and cheek song about how I’m better than your boyfriend. The second song is called M. Connolly, which is about tap dancing. It’s a metaphor for like, don’t wanna step on your feet, bro. The final song is called Violent in Your Sleep, which is a metaphor for someone punching you in your sleep.

WTSR: Tell us about your tour with American Lions.

Nick Rapon: It was a great time. We’re both from New Brunswick, so there was a great mentality. We got a mini bus that you would sell hot dogs out off, but insurance was like, “absolutely not”. We sold that, got a minivan, and went down to Brunswick, Georgia, and played a Brunswick show wish Toy Cars, American Lions, Hoodera, and us, which was awesome. My favorite spot was Somerset, Kentucky. Those kids were amazing. There was only 30 of them, but they hung out the entire time and bought all of our merch. So, yeah, we have fans in Kentucky, which is weird.

WTSR: Is there anything you would like our listeners to know?

Nick Rapon: There’s great music happening at your hometown or college area. You gotta go to your local radio station, like WTSR. Use the internet, cause there’s Facebook groups where musicians talk and talk about shows. If you wanna go to an underground show, just ask a punk or go on Facebook, which is the least punk thing to do.

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