The Blithedale Romance

The Blithedale Romance stopped by our studio for WTSR Underground Weekend at the beginning of September. Scroll down to read their interview, check out the slideshow gallery for images and the just released videos on our youtube page


Members of The Blithedale Romance:

Rob Graham – vocals, guitar

Jason Renna – bass, vocals

Brian Rennwanz – guitar, vocals

Andy Onorato – Drums

WTSR: I’d like you guys to give me a short summary of your music career, like when did you start playing, what other projects have you worked on, how did you get here?

Rob Graham: It really started with Jason and I doing a side project from this pop rock band we were in while we were in high school. But we started writing heavier and more intricate songs and just kind of folk acoustic stuff. We ended up getting our drummer from our old band and started writing music with him, put out an EP, and after the lineup changed, we found Andy and added him to the band. It’s been going good ever since, like, two years of doing shows and writing material. We came out with an EP last October, so it’s coming up on a year that that’s been around, and yeah, writing more new music.

WTSR: Well, I heard about your accomplishment on being on Absolute Punk’s Absolute 100 List, I’d like to congratulate you on that. 

The Blithedale Romance: Thank you.

WTSR: How did it feel to get such recognition?

Jason Renna: It was honestly cool because they gave us a comparison to The Sound of Animals Fighting. That’s a band we’ve always looked up to, at least for the past couple of years of what we’ve been doing. Those guys are definitely paving the way for the sounds that we’re trying to make. So it was really cool getting compared to that kind of music. Yeah, I don’t know – just like flattered.

Rob Graham: It’s cool to share that article with a lot of other hard working bands too – bands like Head North, and a ton of people from the tri-state area that are working really, really hard to get exposure. And to see our name up with them, it’s nice. I guess people are noticing things.

WTSR: You guys recently did a show at Curry Donuts on South Pennsylvania Avenue last Friday. That’s a strange venue. How was the crowd? The venue? How were the donuts? 

Brian Rennwanz: Well, it was an outside show, so the coolest thing was that we pulled up with our van named Vandy, and he chilled right behind us as we played the show. The vibes were cool. Yeah – and free donuts at the end of the show, so that was pretty nice.

You had King in 2012, Wanderer in 2014, and what else do you guys have planned? What’s coming out? 

Rob Graham: Like we mentioned, we’re writing a bunch of new stuff. We’re working on demoing it and fine-tuning it before we take it out to a more professional studio and working on solidifying the overall production of the album. It’s in the works.

Jason Renna: We’re just trying to progress the sound that we already have found with the four of us at this point. It took us a little doing, but now that we have it, I think we’re working on fine-tuning every detail and making it exactly what we want it to be.

Rob Graham: I mean, I think a lot of people can tell the difference between King and Wanderer. Between the two different drummers, it’s two completely different drumming styles. So, once we coudl find out what kind of music we can create with those rhythmic synchronicities between the bass and the drums now – having a way more technical drummer, being raised on hardcore and post-hardcore – and integrating it into our kind of weird experimental rock. . . that we have at least tried to do, through a pop filter, [while] making it at least a little accessible on top of that.

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