Waka Flocka Flame

January 30 2016

WTSR: Hypothetically speaking, if you had become speaker of the house, what would you have fought for after women’s’ rights and legalizing marijuana?

Waka Flocka Flame: Womens’ Rights? Why do women have no rights? I was raised by a woman who raised five boys who did a damn good job, and did things better than men. To me, if we as a people start focusing on women’s rights, you start looking at why don’t they have rights? This is 2016, women are more well off than men. Women got their shit together, like they are taking care of men these days. I don’t think women got no rights, they got everything. My mother raised five of us, and she didn’t sleep with random men. She had three jobs, dead ass serious. She worked at the 99 cents store, worked at some other shit for four hours, then she worked a child protective service and grouphome. She was real though, never see her. Women got all the rights. I can’t see why. All they do now a days is work. To answer your question, they got all the rights. They good.

WTSR: I saw the Christmas List video you did with Complex Magazine. Did you get anything from that list for Christmas?

Waka Flocka Flame: Which ones?

WTSR: I’m thinking unlimited french fries, and the pool in your room? 

Wacka Flocka: I didnt get the pool in the room, but i do got a big ass window in my room. I look out and see a pool, so I thought…

WTSR: Jumping out the window?

Wacka Flocka: Nah, I want to create the Richie Rich shit. He had the tube shit coming out the window…

WTSR: Like a water slide?

Waka Flocka: Like I’m literally trying to do that right now. One that just runs through the house. I want to create something you can climb up, like a tunnel with some lights in it, so I never go through the house and fuck up the carpet. My daughter already fucked the house up.

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