Members of YJY:

Dave Sachs: Drums

Ricky Lorenzo: Guitar

Tim Fitzpatrick: Bass

Steve Sachs: Vocals/Guitar

WTSR: You guys have a nice blend of multiple genres and influences. If you had to use a few adjectives to describe your genre, what would they be?

Dave Sachs: We like to call ourselves fuzz pop. We feel like we usually have pop structure to the song, while writing accessible hooks, like pop music. We also have an element of noise and abrasive sounds that we feel are important too, which is what punk music is supposed to be. However, the definition of punk has changed, so it’s hard to say that we’re a punk band.

WTSR: You guys released a super limited clear vinyl pressing of Couch Surfing USA, in which all proceedings went to charity. Why don’t you guys talk about that?

Ricky Lorenzo: I ended up getting 10 records pressed, very super limited. I surprised everyone besides Steve, because Steve helped design the artwork for it. We got the stuff together and talked about what we could do with the record. We decided that 9 records would go to people who helped us put out the record. We had one more record, so we decided to put it on Ebay. The ending bid was $101 dollars, and we ended up with $381 going to City Of Angels.

WTSR: So what exactly is City of Angels?

Dave Sachs: City of Angels is a nonprofit organization. They work around New Jersey, helping individuals and families struggling with addiction. They do all sorts of free support groups and offer scholarships, so we feel that they have a great cause. We thought it was a no-brainer to use the super limited vinyl sales to help the organization.

WTSR: In another interview, you may have enough material for a whole album, but you only released an EP. Is there an album in the future? 

Dave Sachs: I think we’re still figuring that out. We didn’t want to overwhelm everyone and put out 10 or 12 songs. We wanted to put our foot out the door and see what everyone liked. Now that we have this release under our belt, we can figure out our next move.

WTSR: What’s your favorite part about being YJY been so far?

Dave Sachs: My favorite part is how we all have a varied set of skills, and we’ve figured out a good way to work together and highlight all these things. Ricky does video, Tim does sound, and me and Steve do our own things, and it’s all sort of a nice mix.

Steve Sachs: For me, it’s a nice comradery. I get to be in a band with my brother and my friends. I’ve known Ricky for 15 years, Tim for like 8 years now. It doesn’t matter when this thing ends, it’s nice that we’ve had time to play together. It’s also great to have this received well.

Tim Fitzpatrick: My favorite part is getting to to work with people who share the same passion and drive. We’ve met a lot of people who have matched our enthusiasm. It’s a lot of fun.

WTSR: So, how did you record the music video for Couch Surfing USA?

Dave Sachs: Ricky has an old VHS Camera.

Ricky Lorenzo: It’s not the IPhone App, it’s a real VHS camera. The problem with shooting with VHS is putting the VHS footage on your computer. It records in real time, so I have to sit through hours of footage instead of just putting it on your desktop. Everywhere we went, we took the camera with us and we shot footage.

WTSR: What’s your favorite song from the album?

Dave Sachs: I think all the songs are great. My favorite part of the album is how we conceived all the songs individually, yet they fit together like a little puzzle. Some of them overlap and bleed into each other into ways we didn’t realize at the time.

Ricky Lorenzo: We learned a lot about the songs after recording them, sitting down together as a foursome and tweaking them.

WTSR: Do you guys have any words of advice, or things about your process that you want our viewers to know about?

Steve Sachs: We have a web series called Carriage House TV. You can check it out at CHTV.org. We bring in bands in the area and we record a live set and an interview with the bands, much like this process. Ricky is the producer, Tim does the sound, and I conduct the interviews. We love every band that we’ve gotten to work with. If we’ve been even remotely entertaining, check out our other venture at Carriage House TV.

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